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19 Jun 2018
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Nikolas Taillieu
Digital Product Manager

Early 2018, a team of like-minded people came together around a central problem, we experienced first hand ourselves: "building digital products is f#cking hard".

We identified three common mistakes occur when trying to launch a new digital product, whether it's a startup, a corporate looking to innovate or research groups trying to turn technology into products:

1. Errors in scope: starting with the solution instead of the problem, overscoping / underdelivering and failing to identify riskiest assumptions being the most common ones. To summarize: a lack of focus.

2. Errors in team: teams looking to launch new products have to have an entrepreneurial mindset and they can't be afraid to fail.

3. Errors in process: you can't innovate with rigid corporate processes.

And that is why we founded BallistiX. We build proof-of-concepts, prototypes and MVP’s of web-based applications and love working with emerging technologies like blockchain, 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence.

We're a cross-functional team of software engineers and product managers and have developed our own methodology (using techniques from Ash Maurya's Lean Startup and Google Ventures Design Sprint) to maximize the chances of success and work in the leanest, meanest and most agile way you can image. We build, we validate, we iterate.

Product / market fit is what we live and code for.

Thinking about building something digital? Let's have a coffee or tea together. You can reach us at [email protected] (or use the contact form below) to initiate the conversation!

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